"Colleen is infectious with her positive healing touch. She creates a safe, non-judgemental space for anyone walking through her doors. And she's incredibly excited about helping families feel better and stay that way. It's clear she's doing what she loves."
- Terri L.

"My first chiropractic experience has been with Colleen which was absolutely amazing. When I was 11 weeks pregnant I started feeling lower back pain and decided to go see Colleen. Later I discovered that I was carrying twin boys. I saw Colleen about once a month and was pain free throughout my pregnancy. I decide to take them both to see Colleen when they were about 2.5 months. It is hard to describe in words how powerful theses sessions were. As a mom I was so grateful to witness how comfortable they both were with Colleen."
- Dr. Rama R.

"Dr. Colleen Lindstrom is a gifted healer. What I find remarkable about her is that she doesn't simply perform a chiropractic adjustment in the traditional sense. She uses her incredible knowledge of the body combined with her understanding of energy and healing to create deep and lasting results. When I leave Dr. Lindstrom's office I don't simply feel physically better. I feel an incredible energy and a deep sense of peace and wellbeing."
- Carol M.

Colleen Lindstrom D.C.

My name is Colleen Lindstrom. As a young child I was often told I was sensitive. I had no idea it was my greatest gift. During the summer of 1999, I was backpacking though Europe. While I was riding on the euro-rail, I opened a book given to me by my grandfather. As usual I started in the middle. Each short story ended in a miraculous healing event. For example, a baby in the breech presentation turned so that it could be born vaginally, and a man who could not walk was able to regain full mobility.

I thought to myself what is it that is creating these profound healing experiences in the body? It was the chiropractic adjustment! I knew in that moment, I wanted to help facilitate miracles every day for the rest of my life. That fall, I started chiropractic school at Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia and 5 years later, graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. After school, I fell in love and had two children, Saide and Zylar.

I was reminded of the bodies innate wisdom to heal and create. I have furthered my education in prenatal and pediatric care. I have completed 100's of hours in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Unwinding, www.dynamicbodybalancing.com Craniopath Chiropractic and the Webster In-Utero Breech Turing Technique.

My most recent creation is "The Life Studio" It is a space dedicated to serving everything that has to do with life and all it's gifts.

My mission is to touch as many people as possible, releasing restrictions and freeing life force so that the body's innate wisdom can heal and support you in all of your life's desires.

I look forward to meeting and serving you.

With love and light,
Colleen Lindstrom D.C.

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