At The Life Studio, you will be reminded that you are your bodies true healer. You will be cared for as a unique individual and a special human being. We use our minds, hearts and hands to release the essence of life (A.K.A. life force, human electricity, chi, prana, light, mental impulses).

Chiropractic is about life force and experiencing more of it. When we experience a microtrauma (repetitive stress injury such as sitting at a computer, a habitual motion etc) or macrotrauma (for example a motor vehicle accident, a major fall etc) the body stores this energy. The structure and function of the body is of utmost importance to vitality. Removing the stored energy from the body allows for the life force to flow and for the bodies own innate healing wisdom to take over and heal.

Healing is a journey and we realize that their are many components to health (diet, exercise etc.) and thats why we have teamed up with other healthcare professionals to assist you in your own personal journey.

Myofacial Unwinding

The fascia is like saran wrap that holds every muscle and organ in place. It weaves in and out of muscle groups separating them, turning into tendons and anchoring deep into the periostium of the bone and back out again to wrap around the next organ. It can be found everywhere in the body and around everything. If the body endures a torsional insult, the fascia will become tight and restricted, which will then restrict the flow of blood, nerves or energy meridians within that muscle or organ. Long-term restrictions may result in thick fibrous areas within the fascia that will cause dysfunction and eventually dis-ease within the systems of the body.

Balance to this fascial matrix is the key to balance within the physical body. If we restore the fascia, we'll balance the muscles which will realign the bones and we'll free up the nerves, blood and energy channels.

Meningeal Release

Your whole central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) are wrapped with a continuous protective set of tissues called the meninges. The meninges attach to different vertebrae in the neck, the sacrum and the skull. When you experience any sort of trauma or stressful events, your spinal cord elongates and the meningeal tissue changes its formation, often times becoming torqued, twisted or pulled. Through gentle contacts and cues to specific areas, this meningeal tension can be released. In this release your cerebral spinal fluid can run unobstructed, and you will start to live with more ease in your life and from the higher areas of your brain. This work can profoundly change your perspective on life, and when integrated with other bodywork and chiropractic care, provide for amazing life changes beyond the physical.

Cranial Sacral

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch hands on technique that removes restrictions in the cranial sacral system. The cranium (head) and sacrum (pelvis) are the top and bottom of this system, housing and protecting the brain and spinal cord. The cerebral spinal fluid flows within this system bringing vital nutrients to the central nervous systems. Removing the restrictions allows the body and mind to be brought back to balance. Many symptoms can be resolved though craniosacral technique.

Services & Pricing*

  • Initial Consultation and Comprehensive Exam (50 minutes)
  • Initial Consultation and Comprehensive Exam (50 minutes)
    (Child under 10)
  • 50 Minute session
  • Adjustment (Adult)
  • Adjustment (Child)
  • Individual Package
  • Infant/Child Package
  • Family Package
  • 265
  • 210
  • 210
  • 65
  • 25
  • 1170
  • 665
  • 2595